Speech Language Pathologist

Company Name:
Koch Davis
The employee will be responsible for conduct a full range of speech-language evaluations to determine type and degree of impairment. Predict and measure the effectiveness of therapy. Determine the patients need for rehabilitation and counseling. Develop coherent treatment strategies. Provide consultation to other health care professionals. Document all areas effectively and appropriately in the patient medical record. Provide educational training/orientation to staff. Participate in developing guideline and protocols.
A pre-employment physical examination is required. Knowledge of contemporary professional speech-language pathology practice is required. To be creditable the experience must have required the use of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics associated with contemporary professional speech-language pathology practice. At least 1 year of active professional practice or its equivalent experience is required. Ability to incorporate new clinical procedures sufficient to perform clinical services independently. Ability to conduct assessments, provide treatment interventions, and provide consultation to other health care professionals, knowledge of instrumentation used in speech-language pathology, knowledge of principles and techniques used in alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) systems, diagnosis and treatment of dysphasia, and cognitive-communication disorders, knowledge of principles and techniques used in voice disorders including alaryngeal and teach/ventilator-dependent patients and ability to perform functions associated with contemporary speech-language pathology practice is required.
Master degree or its equivalent in speech-language pathology, communication disorders, or a directly related field from an accredited college or university.
Concern about medical service system.

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